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About us

Your Guide to Events and What’s on, Around You.

1 – Something that happens especially one of significant importance,
1.1 – planned public or social occasion,

“If you are human, you must have an interest in something. It is your responsibility to be active.” – Steve Hutson


A group of poeple with a simular interest, sharing the same significant experience,

to be active

1 – to attend an event,
1.1 – to participate in creating an event,
1.2 – to inform others about an event,

EventsontheHorizon.com is a dedicated team supporting the Events sector by extending existing promotional channels while creating new and innovative paths both online and offline.


EventsontheHorizon.com is free to use, free to browse and free to promote an event.

Further enhanced paid features will be available for operations within the events sector.

Looking for Mackay, Whitsundays & the surounding Areas?

3 reasons why
1. Community Focus Program
2. Extended Audience
3. Direct Market Targeting

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