18th Over the Fence Comedy Film Festival | Proserpine   

Events & Whats on: Saturday 22 Oct 2016 - Proserpine, Whitsundays | EventsontheHorizon.com

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18th Over the Fence Comedy Film Festival | Proserpine

When:  Saturday, 22nd October 2016

Where: Proserpine & Whitsunday Entertainment Centre

18th Over the Fence Comedy Film Festival

Over The Fence Comedy Film Festival is the longest running touring comedy film festival in Australia.

Over The Fence strives for excellence in curating and presenting comedy films that change the way we view the world.

They celebrate new and independent filmmakers, their comic masterpieces and their excellent sense of humour.

They are committed to encouraging and stimulating comedy film production worldwide, and promote comedy films that celebrate, entertain and inspire.

And this year’s theme is “It’s a Big Bad World Out There.”









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