Adam Hole Band (Live) @ Pit Pony Tavern | Collinsville   

Events & Whats on: Saturday 8 Oct 2016 - Collinsville, Whitsundays |

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Adam Hole Band (Live) @ Pit Pony Tavern | Collinsville

When:  Saturday, 8th October 2016

Where:  Pit Pony Tavern – 3 Stanley St, Collinsville

Adam Hole Band (Live)

Australian Guitarist/Songwriter Adam Hole lets rip with high energy, raunchy slide guitar – stomping, dirty blues built on rock. Described as one of Australia’s leading solo blues guitarists in Chris Johnson’s latest book “Guitar – The Australian Story”, Hole is a wild man on lapsteel guitar, Resonator guitar, and electric guitar, all amped up to sound big and fat, with the band’s extra thumpy beat. Loud 70s rock/blues and a touch of hillbilly picking – birthed when live music was the real deal.





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