Ancient Futures NewEarth Festival | Bali   

Events & Whats on: Tuesday 4 Apr 2017 - Kabupaten, Gianyar |

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Ancient Futures NewEarth Festival | Bali

When: 5th – 9th April 2017

Where: Kabupaten, Bali


Ancient Futures NewEarth Festival is designed to bring our global community together to connect and create tangible solutions that benefit humanity.

Featuring a symposium, music and performance, healing arts, gastronomy and an idyllic setting just outside Ubud, Bali, this is a seed event for visionary creatives, change makers, and thought leaders who can be bridge-builders between communities across the world and thereby inspire others and make a positive impact.

Ancient Futures : NewEarth Festival is a gathering of the tribes where imagination manifests as reality and the unthinkable becomes the norm. It is a change of perspectives, values and priorities in a world of infinite possibility. Ancient futures is about remembering and honoring who we are in connection with the land, the firmament and each other while utilizing all the information, materials and technology we can access in order to shift paradigms and evolve collective consciousness to the next stage.

We invite you to join us in this event and experience to help envision, create and usher in a new era of planetary wellbeing, peace and prosperity.

For more information about the festival and to purchase tickets, please visit //

until: Sunday, 9 th Apr 2017
Google Map of a Kabupaten, Bali,Indonesia
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