Astronomical @ St Francis Catholic School | Ayr   

Events & Whats on: Friday 18 Aug 2017 - Ayr, Burdekin |

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Astronomical @ St Francis Catholic School | Ayr

When:  18th August – 19th August 2017

Where:  St Francis Catholic School – 99 Edwards Street, Ayr

The Townsville Astronomy Group and Full Throttle Theatre have teamed up to bring what is believed to be a world first tour during the 2017 winter.  The new production Astronomical, not only delivers belly laughs as it explores the Universe, but the audience participates by looking at the various astronomical wonders through large computer controlled telescopes. Starring Susan Prince, Daryll Heath and Bob Bartlett. Written by Bob Bartlett, Directed by Susan Prince.

ABOUT THE PLAY Three actors playing multiple roles create a magical cast Gallileo, Einstein, Neil Armstrong and Stephen Hawking, lead the audience through space with nuggets of science intermixed with the historical twists and turns from the characters’ perspectives. For example, Neil Armstrong’s explanation on how he got to the moon- “They put 2,000 tons of rocket fuel in the rear end of a Saturn 5 rocket and lit it.” Astrology is debunked in an amusing way, with Madam Charlatan tracing out star signs in the sky, and offering pseudo-readings.

Even the music is different- the sound effects are the eerie radio signals picked up from Saturn and other planets by passing deep space probes.

The play is an outdoor production, where the sky is dark and the planets beckon. The audience bring their own chairs and a picnic. There is a limit of 90 audience for each show to allow everyone to get a good look through the six large computer controlled telescopes.

Bob Bartlett and Lynn Bartlett have been touring the telescopes along the Overlander highway and around the region for a number of years. They have a great knowledge of what works and what communities want. Adding the play to the tour has created a fantastic and unique product that includes a much more diverse range of audience and participants. Theatre is a great way to educate through entertainment. The children love it and parents can learn with them. Often the children know more than the parents. The actors ask the audience questions and speak directly to them, walk amongst them and joke with them. At the end the cast invite the audience to view all of the amazing constellations and planets. There is a real vibe and a lot of ‘WOW’

3 reasons why
1. Community Focus Program
2. Extended Audience
3. Direct Market Targeting

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