Conrad Sewell (Live)
Friday 10th February 2023
Dalrymple Hotel

Conrad Sewell may have the down-to-earth candor of a pub singer, but his voice belongs in stadiums. “I still get butterflies just before going on,” Sewell says with a glint in his eye, his golden hair peeking under a wide-brimmed black hat. “It’s like jumping out of a plane. I love it.”

The acclaimed Brisbane-born singer and songwriter, 34, has been singing professionally since age TK, long enough to appreciate the affect his voice has on people. Case in point, 2015’s “Start Again,” a spare piano ballad showcasing Sewell’s powerhouse range, went to Number One in Australia from his debut studio album, LIFE.

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Conrad Sewell (Live) @ Dalrymple Hotel | Townsville

Townsville Queensland, Australia

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