Deanna Hitti: M Is For Madraseh (School) Exhibition
17th February 2023 to 7th May 2023
Foundation Gallery - Artspace Mackay

Lebanese-Australian artist book and print maker Deanna Hitti explores identity and visual misrepresentation themes in M is for Madraseh (School). In an ambitious 156-panel installation, Hitti combines cyanotype and colour screen print to re-present exoticised visual portrayals of the East. Early nineteenth century French Orientalist imagery overlayed with text from a language textbook in Arabic creates an interplay between object, figure and language. In doing so, Hitti deliberately interrogates the Western gaze, giving agency to the dualities that exist within her own cultural identity.

Opening Night – Friday 17 February at 6pm

Event Details

Deanna Hitti: M Is For Madraseh (School) Exhibition | Mackay

Mackay Queensland, Australia

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