Dirty Dicks Theatre Restaurant | Ayr   

Events & Whats on: Tuesday 25 Oct 2016 - Ayr, Burdekin | EventsontheHorizon.com

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Dirty Dicks Theatre Restaurant | Ayr

When: Tuesday, 25th October 2016

Where: Coutts Commercial Hotel – 88/90 Queen Street, Ayr QLD

Dirty Dicks Theatre Restaurant
Over 45 years ago, Dirty Dick’s Theatre Restaurant first opened its doors in Perth, at Cambridge Street Wembley.
Since then, this iconic Australian entertainment phenomenon has presented its shows, and unique nights of Medieval merriment, in more than 1500 registered clubs, hotels, function venues, resorts, restaurants and community centres across Australasia.
Dirty Dick’s is, arguably, the nation’s longest running live interactive entertainment. Throughout its history, the Dirty Dick’s organization may well have created some records.
Over 5 million people, across three generations, have experienced Dirty Dick’s. More than 1400 actors have appeared in over 36,000 stage performances.

Laugh-a-long, feast-a-long, clap-a-long and sing-a-long with Crazy Kings, Courtly Queens, Jolly Jesters, Dashing Knights, Lusty Wenches & Mad Minstrels.

3 reasons why
1. Community Focus Program
2. Extended Audience
3. Direct Market Targeting

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