DJ Discretion (Sydney)
Saturday 10th December 2022
The Rabbit Hole
DJ Discretion is a well known established popular DJ from Australia with millions of hits on his exclusive remixes across all platforms.
With a meticulous ear for sound, DJ Discretion provides a unique portrayal of music through his complex creativity and ability to thoroughly read an audience.
Starting his career from the age of 11 gave Discretion a head start amongst other DJ’s, gaining experience in the music business from a very young age.
From Sydney’s West, DJ Discretion has a very adaptable and constant growing musical styles in which he continues to continues to gain through his own ventures and the experience of western Sydney’s beloved culture.
A distinctive set of skills in multiple genres shows this young musicians ability to provide for many crowds.
Specialising in both new & old school hip hop, R&B, Afrobeat & trap, DJ Discretion is inevitable in turning up a crowd to its peak!
Event Details

DJ Discretion (Sydney) @ The Rabbit Hole | Mackay

Mackay Queensland, Australia

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