Fat Pizza Vs Houso’s Live | Proserpine   

Events & Whats on: Friday 3 Feb 2017 - Proserpine, Whitsundays | EventsontheHorizon.com

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Fat Pizza Vs Houso’s Live | Proserpine

When:  Friday, 3rd February 2017

Where:  Proserpine and Whitsunday Entertainment Centre – 16 Main Street, Proserpine QLD

Fat Pizza Vs Houso’s Live

Characters from all the shows Pauly has produced appear in this bourbon fuelled Bogan subwoofer bonanza of comedy. Crowd games, parody songs, stand-up comedy and never seen before footage create a multimedia unique comedy experience. With a core cast of Pauly from Fat Pizza, Vanessa from Housos, Franky Falzoni and award winning stand-up comedian Garry Who, the tour guarantees at least three people in every show will wet themselves laughing. The tour will also feature two mystery guests who are also cast members from Pauly’s shows. Who are they? It’s a surprise!

You’ve seen the movie, now see the Fat Pizza & Housos go toe to toe live on stage

You be the judge… you decide who is the funnier and most staunch! It’s the ultimate clash of the TV comedy titans.

$29.50 pre sale or $37.50 at the door.

18+ event


3 reasons why
1. Community Focus Program
2. Extended Audience
3. Direct Market Targeting

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