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3 rd
June 2023
2pm to 5pm

Garden Concert 3 @ Sunbird Cottage | Mount Marlow

Saturday 3rd June 2023

Sunbird Cottage

Welcome to the garden, where original songwriters find their true belonging. In the Sunbird cottage garden, alive with wildlife, the blooming Flower, graceful Tree, and wicked wild Wood express themselves through beautiful music.

JC and the Tree:

  • JC and the Tree create brilliant soundscapes inspired by Sunshine Coast, blending indie-folk melodies that connect with nature and life.
  • Their heartfelt violin and warm rich tones set them apart, taking audiences on a genre-blending journey.
  • They have performed at well-known festivals such as Woodford Folk Fest and Caloundra Music Festival.

Mr Tim Woodz:

  • Tim Woodz is a storytelling folk singer with a quirky narrative, known for his spontaneous and energetic songwriting.
  • He draws inspiration from unlikely subjects, crafting songs about possums on powerlines and Melbourne’s Westgate bridge.
  • Tim has played at festivals like Wintermoon, The Gas, and Palm Creek.

Mr David Flower (Host):

  • David Flower, a singer-songwriter from the East Coast, offers a groovy blend of progressive roots, blues, reggae, and folk rock.
  • Known for his spirited performances and engaging stage presence, he captivates audiences with his dynamic voice and word-smithery.
  • David has played at various festivals across Australia and internationally, including Woodford Folk and Caloundra Music.

These talented musicians come together in the garden, creating an authentic and uplifting atmosphere filled with rhythm and soul. Join them as they showcase their unique styles and entertain with their heartfelt songs.

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3 rd
June 2023
2pm to 5pm

Mount Marlow,

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