Highland Dancing Competition 2017 | Home Hill   

Events & Whats on: Saturday 4 Mar 2017 - Home Hill, Burdekin | EventsontheHorizon.com

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Highland Dancing Competition 2017 | Home Hill

When:  Saturday, 4th March 2017

Where:  Burdekin Memorial Hall – 79 Ninth Avenue, Home Hill

Highland Dancing Competition 2017

Marking 40 years since the Lower Burdekin Celtic Dancing Associations inception.

Highland dancing is known as the tradition solo dancing of Scotland and was used by Scottish regiments as exercise to keep in shape and ready for battle as well as celebrating after victory.  Today Highland dancing is performed at Highland Games throughout the world and until the early 1900’s, only men entered the Highland Games competitions.

The traditional dances performed today have been passed down through the centuries from dancing masters, which made the dancing steps a reality today.  As far back as 1054 the oldest of the dances is the Gillie Callum known today as the Sword Dance, which resulted from Malcolm Canmore, the Celtic Prince, slew one of Macbeth’s chiefs taking his claymore and placing it on the ground crossed over his own making a cross.  Malcolm Canmore proceeded to dance over and around the naked blades with the ecstasy of victory.

For further information, please contact Cheryl Medley on 0418 984 363.

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