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22 nd
November 2023

Hockey Dad – Regional Tour | Mackay

Wednesday 22nd November 2023

Seabreeze Hotel Mackay

w/ Crocodylus & The Belair Lip Bombs

From idly strumming chords to global rock sensations, Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming, better known as Hockey Dad, transformed downtime into a sonic adventure. Originally meeting as childhood pals, they sought solace from the absent surf by crafting tunes in Zach’s garage. Armed with Zach’s vocals and guitar prowess alongside Billy’s drumming finesse, they swiftly evolved from amateurs to authors of their melodies. The duo’s journey encompasses an EP, three albums, and a live record. Their sonic conquests span continents, gracing iconic festivals and earning gold and platinum records in Australia. As a fourth album beckons, Hockey Dad’s legacy continues, echoing louder than the waves that first brought them together.

Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Crocodylus has surged from high-octane house gigs to touring Europe alongside The Chats. Selling out Australian headline shows, the garage rock trio has relentlessly rocked stages. Formed in 2015 during high school, their journey has been remarkable. Undeterred by common sense, they’re just warming up. Each year spawns fresh opportunities to refine their sound and captivate loyal fans. Crocodylus, committed to delivering their best, invites latecomers to hop on board—a testament to their unyielding energy and dedication. A seat is reserved for those ready to plunge into their electrifying musical odyssey.

Introducing Melbourne’s The Belair Lip Bombs and their debut “Lush Life” album. Led by Maisie Everett, their indie rock melodies paint stories of longing and self-discovery. Meticulously crafted, the album showcases the band’s dedication and musical evolution over the last five years. “Lush Life” offers both fresh listeners and long-standing fans an immersive journey into The Belair Lip Bombs’ passion and growth, leaving an unforgettable mark in the indie music landscape .

22 nd
November 2023


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