Horrible Harriet (Live) | Proserpine   

Events & Whats on: Friday 25 Aug 2017 - Proserpine, Whitsundays | EventsontheHorizon.com

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Horrible Harriet (Live) | Proserpine

When:  Friday, 25th August 2017

Where:  Proserpine & Whitsunday Entertainment Centre

Horrible Harriet

This production is inspired by the books Horrible Harriet (2001), Hooray for Horrible Harriet (2005) and Horrible Harriet’s Inheritance (2012), written and illustrated by Leigh Hobbs. It explores the themes of bullying, isolation, friendship and personal development through accessible, enjoyable comedy and the much loved character of Harriet.

Horrible Harriet is a wicked, wild and wonderful girl who is an outrageous show off! She lives in a nest in the roof of her school, and keeps teachers chained in the cellar to do her homework. Harriet and the other children don’t see eye to eye, and Harriet tricks and teases them when their nearly blind teacher isn’t looking. But all Harriet really wants is a friend.

When Athol Egghead arrives in his hot air balloon, Harriet finally meets someone who understands her… And then Mr Chicken comes along. The fact that Mr Chicken terrorises the entire school doesn’t matter a jot, as Horrible Harriet knows how to handle him… or does she?









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