Little Pattie – Morning Melodies | Burdekin Theatre   

Events & Whats on: Wednesday 26 Jul 2017 - Ayr, Burdekin |

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Little Pattie – Morning Melodies | Burdekin Theatre

When:  Wednesday, 26th July 2017

Where:  Burdekin Theatre – 161 Queen Street, Ayr QLD

Little Pattie – Morning Melodies

Little Pattie is as energetic today as she was when she took a strong hold on the Australian music scene in the mid sixties, as a bright fourteen-year-old school girl from Sydney.

Her career, which began with “He’s my Blonde Headed Stompie Wompie Real Gone Surfer Boy” now spans several decades.  From surf music to the Bandstand years; from the swing era to contemporary music, Pattie’s Morning Melodies concert will take you on a musical journey. Great music and wonderful stories performed by an icon of the Australian music industry.




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