Little Red in the Hood (Live) | Ayr   

Events & Whats on: Monday 25 Jul 2016 - Ayr, Burdekin |

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Little Red in the Hood (Live) | Ayr

When:  Monday, 25th July 2016

Where:  Burdekin Theatre – 161 Queen Street, Ayr QLD

Little Red in the Hood (Live)

Once upon a time in a tiny neighbourhood not so far away, lived a very clever girl who always kept an eye on her neighbours and reported anything suspicious to the police.

She wore a lovely bright red cape with a hood- just like a superhero and everyone called her “Little Red”.

Every town has a troublemaker and this one had Walter- The Big Bad Wolf! He was forever throwing his rubbish on the ground and leaving a big mess behind.

This made ‘Little Red’ very angry. She was trying to keep Australia beautiful. As it happens, Walter has a sweet tooth and has been trying to steal Granny’s awesome chocolate cake for ages. Now he’s found out that Granny has a huge pile of lovely “bling” jewellery hidden at her house.

There’s going to be trouble for sure…..

Time:  10am

Cost:  $10.00 per ticket



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