Mermaid Adventure
Saturday 28th January 2023
Evolve Airlie
Age 5 to 12 Program
Workshop Theme: Mermaid/man
Play between the worlds of ocean and land, creating a human size mermaid/man.
Everyone loves mermaids, and we have the opportunity to create our very own mermaid story for our group performance. What do they do all day? Where do they play? What if they came to land for just one day?
We will be helping each other to trace around our bodies to create our very own life size mermaid or merman.
Through creative arts and craft we will dress-up our mermaid characters who have come for a visit on land for the day.
After our art expression we will bring the awareness back to our own bodies for creative movement and put on a performance as we join the mermaids on an adventure into the deep blue sea.
Welcome to Kids Creative Discovery. A workshop designed for children to Discover themselves through dance, drama and art.
We embark upon a journey to inspire creativity, imagination and self-expression.
Each activity offers the child a direct experience to unleash their creative potential as they ignite their imagination and authentically express, through the discovery of the Self.
What does a workshop look like…
We experience the joy of dance, infusing fun and playfulness into the room. It vibes up our energy in preparation for the day ahead.
Kids Creative Discovery encourage children to use their imagination by creating their own stories and characters through an artistic expression.
Through the creation of their story, the children connect with the essence of their character, then bring it to life with acting or a puppet performance.
It is the unfolding of a magical journey as each child has their own experience awakening and discovering their creative potential that surfaces from within.
And best of all, they love it! It’s fun, playful and engaging for their creative minds.
Age 5-12 Program. (Sorry this program is not age appropriate for under 5)
Parents drop off and have a two-hour break while we set to work on our fantastic-ness.
Please wear art clothes. We can get messy in this workshop. And please try to avoid wearing accessories, as we often make props for stage. Therefore, your belongings get removed and can go missing or end up broken from all the busyness in the room.
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Mermaid Adventure @ Evolve | Cannonvale

Cannonvale Queensland, Australia

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