Mistah Cee (Sydney)
Saturday 28th January 2023
The Rabbit Hole
Tiktok sensation Mistah Cee makes his Rabbit Hole debut

Born and bred in Sydney, Australia, Mistah Cee is fast establishing himself as a DJ to watch. Of course, for the music, but also for his candid approach to engaging with his community. An unmatched energy and enthusiasm for connecting with his audience, he is striking the perfect balance between good music and positive energy. For Mistah Cee, this is where music can make the most impact.
Having grown up listening to the music of James Brown, Eddie Palmieri and Jimi Hendrix, it was Snoop Dogg’s first single ‘What’s My Name’ that cemented Mistah Cee’s love for the hip-hop and R&B landscape. In his own words – “there was no turning back after that”. Turning to music as something of a refuge in his youth, DJ-ing kept Mistah Cee (largely) out of trouble.
With a sound and style that’s earned him a spot supporting the likes of The Game, Tyga and Twista, amongst others, it’s his energy, openness and truly unique approach to the industry that’s positioning him as a fan favourite. With hip hop and R&B having long stood as key influences on his music, Mistah Cee also notes his roots heralding from San Francisco’s Bay Area as being a significant part of his approach and sound. Mistah Cee’s father was a conga master – a ‘conguero’ – and would frequently take the young boy Mistah Cee to his live concerts, where he quickly understood the power of performance to unite a whole room of people.
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Mistah Cee (Sydney) @ The Rabbit Hole | Mackay

Mackay Queensland, Australia

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