NOY “We love Trap” @ Cartel Nightclub | Mackay   

Events & Whats on: Saturday 13 Aug 2016 - Mackay, Mackay Region |

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NOY “We love Trap” @ Cartel Nightclub | Mackay

when: Saturday 13th August

where: Cartel Nightclub, Mackay


With NOY blowing up all over AUS atm he is in high demand for bass loving units!

With a keynote of defying all genre boundaries, Noy the Brisbane electronic aficionado takes the cake for ascending on the new chapter of what we know dance music as today. Pumping a production and DJ heart for trap and bass predominate beats, the synthesis this east coast wonder brings with electro, techno and festival prone anthems is undoubtedly on cue.

Headphones on, studio lit, Noy has had originals signed with Hi Tech and Vicious Bitch boasting a sick collaboration with Slop Rock on ‘You Got That’ out with Xelon while remixes on Klub Kids, Shabang , Hype and many others have seen Beatport charts explode especially across the Top 50 and Top 100 Hip Hop ladders. On that tip, M.I.A. the legend has been known to drop Noy’s unofficial edits on ‘Bring The Noise’, making this artist clearly one sitting on the hot wire. With a forthcoming EP drop and a collaborative project ready to fire, it’s with great electronically bound honor that the industry empowers Brisbane’s next explosive.



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