Recyclable Regatta – Whitsunday Reef Festival   

Events & Whats on: Sunday 14 Aug 2016 - Airlie Beach, Whitsundays |

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Recyclable Regatta – Whitsunday Reef Festival

When: Sunday, 14th August 2016

Where: Airlie Beach Lagoon

Recyclable Regatta – Whitsunday Reef Festival

Make a raft out of recyclables and battle it out with the pirates on the high seas!  There will be great prizes and fun to be had for all ages

Recyclable Regatta Rules

There will be two divisions, and the same raft can be used in both divisions:
1. Open Age 13 – open
2. Children Ages 6 – 12
Raft Rules
• Maximum crew of 3
• Any type of oar/paddle can be used.
• The maximum size of the raft is 2m x 2m
• Raft to be made from recyclable materials (see below list)

Raft Materials
Build a raft from recycled materials, bottles, plastic pipes and other materials that would otherwise be dumped or recycled.
Specifically ALLOWED materials:
• Milk, juice, water, soft drink bottles
• Plastic drums
• Bamboo poles
• Plastic sheeting


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