Sunday 27th November 2022
The Basement Canberra

We is hybrid!
Formless, shapeless… like water.
Noumena musically ablaze with uncertainty and spontaneous pace.
Get your solenoids humming – we are takin’ you to the road!

Awaken to the morning zoo… enter that dragon with the forge of a propulsive cryptocrash.
Primetime optics glazed over with unrestricted drones of electric transformation.
Wide open road’s concordant rush hour… crackin’ the next level with clenched fists of furry.

From the recently announced east coast GOOD THINGS festival tour to WAVE ROCK on WA Noongar country… and that most coveted slot playing with luminaries MIDNIGHT OIL – now across country we torque the direct current!

Joining some of this drivin’ reverie will be Sydney’s PARTY DOZEN featuring Kirsty Tickle (saxophone) and Jonathan Boulet (percussion and sampler).
Doom. Jazz. Hardcore. Psychedelic. No-wave. Industrial. Just the way we like it.

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REGURGITATOR Drivetime Tour | Canberra

Canberra Australian Capital Territory, Australia

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