Shmoné - North East Oz Tour
Sunday 27th November 2022
Dust Temple
Idan Shoham (aka Shmoné) is coming to the North East!
The talented saxophonist, guitarist, singer & looping artist who travels the world to find collaborations with local artists, is on a second loop tour around all of OZ!
Since arriving in Western Australia at the beginning of 2020 and starting up his Project “Shmoné” in Fremantle, Idan Shoham has collaborated with various artists, bands, DJs, singers, and other musicians during his travels throughout the state. Shmoné’s musical inspiration is drawn from the people and places his journey has taken him to, and this is largely reflected in his always evolving and captivating performances, as well as his revolving door of band members.
Conveniently kosher and generously groovy it is a show not to be missed!
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Shmoné – North East Oz Tour | Currumbin

Currumbin Queensland, Australia

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