Solo Exhibition Simone Arnol | Cairns   

Events & Whats on: Thursday 18 May 2017 - Cairns North, Cairns |

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Solo Exhibition Simone Arnol | Cairns

When:  18th May – 8th June 2017

Where:  UMI Arts McIvor Gallery – 335 Sheridan Street, Cairns North

Solo Exhibition Simone Arnol

Simone Arnol emerging artist has based her art on the past, from an audio recording of her Great Grandmother, Tottie Joinbee, revealing how life was in 1985 at Yarrabah Mission, as part of the stolen generation.

Her art is layered in stories and gives a glimpse into her life and an opening into her future. Simone makes the stories come to life using works and portraits on wood, paper, oil and acrylic paintings.

‘Identity’, Simone’s first Solo Exhibition also showcases her talent as a clothing designer. She presents stories that flow beautifully through textiles that have been traditionally dyed using ancient methods that result in her art being embracing, powerful and unique.

This project is supported by valued partners: Arts Queensland and Australia Council for the Arts.


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