Status Quo the Exhibition | Wollongong   

Events & Whats on: Wednesday 16 Nov 2016 - Wollongong, Illawarra |

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Status Quo the Exhibition | Wollongong



This visual journey will lead you directly to the core of what bullying is, its forms, effects, torments and experiences. Creating awareness and educating across the generations, this exhibition will feed your emotions and give you a deeper understanding of what its like being bullied. Featuring a mix of fine art, conceptual and traditional photography.

Katrina is a local photographer who has chosen to travel the road less travelled with her first exhibition. Bringing forward and highlighting the issue that is bullying, she is a firm believer that with an issue this big you need to be shown not told, to truly understand. Referencing from research, her own personal battles, experiences and local community engagement, Katrina has been able to put together an exhibition that leave you wanting to make a difference .


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1. Community Focus Program
2. Extended Audience
3. Direct Market Targeting

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