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Events & Whats on: Thursday 1 Jan 1970 - The Business of Creativity | Sydney, The Business of Creativity | Sydney |

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The Business of Creativity | Sydney

When:  Thursday, 1st June 2017

Where:  100 Harris Street, Pyrmont

The Business of Creativity

How do you combine the vital business skills to allow your creativity to flourish? The creative and cultural industries are talked about as an important and growing part of the global economy. Creative sectors across the world are increasingly recognising its importance as a generator of jobs, wealth and cultural engagement. At the heart of the creative economy are the cultural and creative industries that lie at the crossroads of arts, culture, business and technology.

But in a increasingly competitive industry, how do you combine the vital skills to flourish? This facilitated workshop will work on a key issues facing the business of creativity today and provide practical tools to enable you to understand the business know-how required to bring out the best in you and your smarts.


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1. Community Focus Program
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