The Day The Muse-ic Died @ Kohuna Beachside Resort   

Events & Whats on: Thursday 16 Jun 2016 - Bucasia, Mackay Region |

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The Day The Muse-ic Died @ Kohuna Beachside Resort

When:  16th June – 18th June 2016

Where:  Kohuna Beachside Resort – 1 Griffin Avenue, Bucasia QLD

The Day The Muse-ic Died

The muse of music, Calliope was considered one of the most irrelevant muses in the heavens for a millennia, but all of that changed after the inception of rock ‘n roll in the fifties when suddenly, she became the most untouchable of all of the 9 mystical sisters. Music changed the world after that and it changed Calliope too- but not for the better. Cocky, vain and completely self-involved, Calliope didn’t realise how powerful or cruel she’d become until one of her vengeful sisters, Imogen, the muse of writing, conspired with the evil goddess Hera to teach Calliope a lesson, rendering her mortal with an impossible mission to fulfil: turn a human boy into the 21st century’s rock god without her powers, or perish

The debut theatre restaurant by local author S.K Munt

Featuring some of the hottest local talent

Tickets are $55 per person



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1. Community Focus Program
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