Torres Statesmen Art Exhibition | Cairns   

Events & Whats on: Thursday 1 Jun 2017 - Cairns North, Cairns |

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Torres Statesmen Art Exhibition | Cairns

When:  1st June – 16th June 2017

Where:  UMI Arts McIvor Gallery – 335 Sheridan Street, Cairns North

Torres Statesmen Art Exhibition

Robert Tommy Pau

Portraits in Paint and Print
The portraiture exhibition in paint and print of significant Torres Strait Islanders who have contributed to Torres Strait and Australian society in their chosen field of vocation.

The project aims to capture the images of every Torres Strait Islander Statesmen preserving the legacy of individuals to educate and present their histories. This is the initial start to visually document significant and inspire the next generation to strive for what is achievable to them: and that nothing that you put in your mind, heart, soul, resource and action is out of reach.

This is work in progress which will grow to include other significant figures presenting a visual documentary and as the work grows so will the catalogue. The portraits have been chosen to capture a diverse group of Statesmen and future exhibitions may focus on particular fields of vocation.

For a minority within a minority, the achievements of Torres Strait Islanders are extraordinary. The exhibitions will be interactive where family, friends and the public are invited to write about the Statesmen for use in future exhibitions.

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