Wayne Donnelly Hypno-Comedian @ The WACC | Airlie Beach   

Events & Whats on: Saturday 24 Sep 2016 - Airlie Beach, Whitsundays | EventsontheHorizon.com

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Wayne Donnelly Hypno-Comedian @ The WACC | Airlie Beach

When:  Saturday, 24th September 2016

Where:  The WACC – 13 Waterson Way, Airlie Beach QLD

Wayne Donnelly Hypno-Comedian @ The WACC

The comedy hypnosis shows that Wayne has developed include a range of routines that delight and astound audiences. From limbs being so stuck that can’t be moved to human bridges, rock star revivals, amnesia and many more. Some of the more interesting venues have been the smaller ones such as The Nimbin Hotel.  No need to hypnotise people to think they are drunk or stoned in Nimbin! Although one volunteer came off stage and for the remainder of the evening could only see naked people, much to the entertainment of the pub patrons. Once the volunteers are hypnotised it’s almost anything goes – with good taste, family friendly and fun atmosphere.
Wayne lives for hypnosis and uses his hypnotic power for good rather than evil.






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