Zac Walters (Live) @ King Street Hotel | Newcastle   

Events & Whats on: Saturday 15 Oct 2016 - Newcastle, Hunter Region |

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Zac Walters (Live) @ King Street Hotel | Newcastle

When:  Saturday, 15th October 2016

Where:  King Street Hotel – 15 Steel Street, Newcastle NSW

Zac Walters

Zac Waters, a born-musician whom grew up listening to Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Cake and the Barbie Pool Party mixes, only found his Electronic Dance Music calling a short two years ago.

Since then, Zac, now 19 years of age, has managed to make very noticeable waves all over the world with his stunning plethora of remixes and originals and a self-created genre ‘Meltrance’ incorporating elements of the globally recognised Melbourne Bounce sound and Trance music.

This genre-defining musical genius set the standard with his first releases with “Decimate” hitting #63 on the Beatport overall charts, and “Life & Death” sky-rocketing to #10.




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