Local Events & Whats on Guide on your Website


Want to publish an Events & What’s on Guide on your own website?

We are excited to announce the first version of the Event Widget for public beta testing.

Publish a Local Events & What’s on Guide on your website using our simple widget builder.

And best of all its FREE, and as we say, “it won’t even cost you a brass razoo”

Before we do release the beast into the wild we’re inviting any website owner to come check it out and register as a beta tester, try it out and let us know what you think and shoot us any suggestions and recommendations you would love to see implemented.

As a registered beta tester you will have full access to support and we are opening requests to fully custom widget builds to suit your needs.

From the Event Widget Builder page, you can register and have instant access to the widget and support and provide feedback.

Feel free to come by and have play as you will be able to build a widget even if you choose not to register and would prefer to wait until full public release.

All feedback is welcomed even you choose to wait a bit longer.



The Team

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