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Events & Whats on Lambton, NSW

Today's list of all current, upcoming Events & Whats on Lambton - NSW | Live Music, Markets, Festivals, Sporting, Family, Movies and more..

Saturday 1st Apr 2023
Rocket Man vs Piano Man @ Lizotte’s Newcastle
Lambton, NSW
Rocket Man vs Piano Man
Saturday 1st April 2023
Lizotte's Newcastle

All the hits of Elton John & Billy Joel Lance Strauss & Jimmy Mann joined forces as Elton John & Billy Joel for the ...
Friday 14th Apr 2023
Eugene Hideaway Bridges (Live) @ Lizotte’s Newcastle
Lambton, NSW
Eugene Hideaway Bridges (Live)
Friday 14th April 2023
Lizotte's Newcastle

Eugene is a nomadic musician living his life on the road. His home is wherever the next performance takes him, and every year this ...
Thursday 20th Apr 2023
Pauly Fenech – Fighting Authority Tour @ Lizotte’s Newcastle
Lambton, NSW
Pauly Fenech - Fighting Authority Tour
Thursday 20th April 2023
Lizotte's Newcastle

Australian filmmaker, film and television actor, director, producer, writer and Comedian, Pauly Fenech is best known for his comedy television series, Fat Pizza, Housos, ...
Saturday 22nd Apr 2023
Steve Balbi (Live) @ Lizotte’s Newcastle
Lambton, NSW
Steve Balbi (Live)
Saturday 22nd April 2023
Lizotte's Newcastle

The artist, composer, and producer – Steve Balbi – mines a kaleidoscope of life at the margins. Transcending rock and pop while coalescing sentimentality and soul, ...
Friday 28th Apr 2023
Bondi Cigars (Live) @ Lizotte’s Newcastle
Lambton, NSW
Bondi Cigars (Live)
Friday 28th April 2023
Lizotte's Newcastle

When the Bondi Cigars were first gigging around Sydney, late 1989, they moved in a blues/R&B circuit which, while robust enough since ...
Sunday 30th Apr 2023
Ray Beadle – The 301 Live Session @ Lizotte’s Newcastle
Lambton, NSW
Ray Beadle - The 301 Live Session
Sunday 30th April 2023
Lizotte's Newcastle

Following his return from Memphis USA where he placed top 8 in the prestigious International Blues Challenge, Sydney-based award-winning guitarist Ray Beadle is set to ...
Wednesday 31st May 2023
Victor Wooten & the Wooten Brothers @ Lizotte’s Newcastle
Lambton, NSW
Victor Wooten & the Wooten Brothers
Wednesday 31st May 2023
Lizotte's Newcastle

Five time Grammy Award winner Victor Wooten has been heralded as “the Michael Jordan of the bass” and “one of the most fearless musicians ...
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