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Whats on Dinner & Show Events - New South Wales

Today's list of Whats on & upcoming Dinner & Show Events in NSW, Australia | Live Music, Markets, Festivals, Sporting, Family, Movies and more..

Saturday 1st Apr 2023
Rocket Man vs Piano Man @ Lizotte’s Newcastle
Lambton, NSW
Rocket Man vs Piano Man
Saturday 1st April 2023
Lizotte's Newcastle

All the hits of Elton John & Billy Joel Lance Strauss & Jimmy Mann joined forces as Elton John & Billy Joel for the ...
Friday 14th Apr 2023
Eugene Hideaway Bridges (Live) @ Lizotte’s Newcastle
Lambton, NSW
Eugene Hideaway Bridges (Live)
Friday 14th April 2023
Lizotte's Newcastle

Eugene is a nomadic musician living his life on the road. His home is wherever the next performance takes him, and every year this ...
Saturday 22nd Apr 2023
Steve Balbi (Live) @ Lizotte’s Newcastle
Lambton, NSW
Steve Balbi (Live)
Saturday 22nd April 2023
Lizotte's Newcastle

The artist, composer, and producer – Steve Balbi – mines a kaleidoscope of life at the margins. Transcending rock and pop while coalescing sentimentality and soul, ...
Friday 28th Apr 2023
Bondi Cigars (Live) @ Lizotte’s Newcastle
Lambton, NSW
Bondi Cigars (Live)
Friday 28th April 2023
Lizotte's Newcastle

When the Bondi Cigars were first gigging around Sydney, late 1989, they moved in a blues/R&B circuit which, while robust enough since ...
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